So, you’re getting ready to purchase a motion tracking system - terrific! No doubt, you’re excited about your subject and results; you’ve visualized the movement you aim to capture, and have a clear idea of how you will use the data you collect. This is a start—now you are on
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Tracking the fine motor movements of fingers and hands for virtual reality, rehabilitation, ergonomics, biomechanics, and robotics applications can unlock important new breakthroughs in these areas. However, existing technologies have fallen short of achieving precise and complete data for fine moto
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我刚刚收到Liberty 8 系统,非常满意。我们的数字记录非常干净而准确。这个系统非常皮实,使用的AuctionSIM驱动的MatLabUSB接口,从来也没宕过机。我们以前的电磁测量系统在应用MatLab时会经常宕机。” - H.N. Zelaznik, 美国普度大学健康和运动机能学教授。

Did You Know
FastSCAN was used in the Joint Mongolian-Smithsonian Deer Stone Project which included archaeological studies of "deer stones" and the ritual contexts in which they are found.
POLHEMUS 全 球 六 自 由 度 电 磁 追 踪 的 领 导 者

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