Eye Tracking Applications

In our more than 40-year tenure, Polhemus technology has powered countless applications around the world. Along with our motion tracking and scanning products, we are proud to offer the best in eye tracking with our VisionTrak products by ISCAN, the pioneers in eye tracking. Below is a sample of applications that have enabled our customers to break new ground and redefine the standards in their fields and industries. For more detailed information on specific eye tracking applications: go to eye tracking research studies.

Automated Drug Screening

Eye reaction durg screeningDrug testing just got easier and less costly. PassPoint.net™ eye tracking systems, designed by Drug Impairment Detection Services and engineered by ISCAN Inc, provides a highly accurate prescreening for drug and/or alcohol response testing. This less invasive testing method is accomplished by measuring involuntary eye reflex reactions to light, collecting the data and comparing it to an individual's personalized non-impaired baseline.

Retail/Advertising Effectiveness

eye tracking for advertising Do you need eye tracking for merchandising or advertising purposes? Do you want to know what draws someone's eye on a website? VisionTrak™ can be used in a wide variety of ways for researching product labels, packaging, signage, advertising effectiveness and even web design. The system can track what the subject looks at first, scan path, fixation rate, and a variety of eye movement parameters for analysis.

Surgical Training

eye tracking as a surgical tool VisionTrak™ is an ideal tool to transmit images to a large format video display; and it places a cross-hair over the image where the subject is looking, making it ideal for an instructor to highlight exact location of the surgical tool and what the technique is trying to accomplish. It allows for full freedom of head movement while collecting fast, accurate data, and video is recorded with time stamp for quick frame access.

Training and Simulation

eye tracking for training and simulation VisionTrak™'s lightweight, head mounted or non-contact, desktop remote eye-tracking systems are key components to training and simulation. VisionTrak's Point-of-Regard analysis software, analyzes raw point-of-regard data, and includes velocities and accelerations  (eye fixation) of the eye, areas of eye fixations, fixation times, blink rate and scan path.


Vision Research

eye tracking and vision research VisionTrak™ provides a range of data collection parameters with a calibration process that can be performed in seconds. This can all be performed from the operator's console. VisionTrak's Point-of-Regard analysis software, analyzes raw point-of-regard data, including velocities and accelerations of the eye, areas of eye fixations, fixation times, blink rate and scan path. Data is time stamped for video frame-by-frame analysis.

Read more about what we offer in specific markets: Healthcare, Military, and Research & Technology.

我刚刚收到Liberty 8 系统,非常满意。我们的数字记录非常干净而准确。这个系统非常皮实,使用的AuctionSIM驱动的MatLabUSB接口,从来也没宕过机。我们以前的电磁测量系统在应用MatLab时会经常宕机。” - H.N. Zelaznik, 美国普度大学健康和运动机能学教授。

Did You Know
FastSCAN was used in the Joint Mongolian-Smithsonian Deer Stone Project which included archaeological studies of "deer stones" and the ritual contexts in which they are found.
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