Wireless Motion Trackers

Polhemus wireless motion tracking allows for complete freedom of movement

6DOF Motion Tracking and Freedom of Movement

Some applications require motion tracking that allows for complete freedom of movement. For others, wireless tracking capability is an added benefit, but not a necessity. It all comes down to what the most important features are to you. Polhemus has been delivering award-winning motion trackers for over 40 years, and we offer wireless tracking products that provide full freedom of movement, delivered with our proprietary 6DOF electromagnetic technology. Our wireless tracking options are portable, easy to set up, and require no special lighting requirements. Explore our wireless tracking options.

Wireless Tracking Products

"I just received1 my LIBERTY 8 system and I am extremely pleased. Our records are clean and precise. The system is robust, with no crashes at all with the AuSIM drivers for Matlab and USB interface. Our previous magnetic system crashed within Matlab on a regular basis." - H.N. Zelaznik, Professor of Health and Kinesiology, Purdue University

Did You Know
FastSCAN was used in the Joint Mongolian-Smithsonian Deer Stone Project which included archaeological studies of "deer stones" and the ritual contexts in which they are found.
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