Case Study: Biomechanics Analysis—IST Integrates Polhemus LIBERTY

Innovative Sports Training (IST), based in Chicago, IL, provides complete solutions for 6 Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) motion capture and integrated comprehensive analysis. The MotionMonitor, IST's software package, integrated with Polhemus LIBERTY, the fastest, most accurate, scalable electromagnetic motion tracker available, creates the finest advanced data acquisition and analysis system in the market place. Combined, this provides a perfect set of tools for a quick and flexible setup, data collection and data analysis.

Product Integration

Polhemus 6 Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) motion capture Once the LIBERTY is set-up, sensors (up to 16 available per LIBERTY system) are assigned to body segments. Various protocols can be used for tracking anatomical landmarks and defining local coordinate systems for each body segment. Once the subject/patient is setup, various user-defined parameters can be assigned to control the manner in which the activity is recorded, i.e. using event markers and triggers to start or end data collection such that all activities are synchronized to one specific event.

After data has been recorded, the activity along with graphical displays of data can be played back immediately. All standard kinematic and kinetic data can be selected from drop-down menu items. In addition, the user can calculate data with the user-defined data formula using any raw or processed data variable. Smoothing parameters such as a Butterworth filter can be applied uniquely to each sensor or data acquisition channel. Further enhanced functionalities for data reduction and exporting are also available.
Polhemus LIBERTY motion tracking - advanced data acquisition and analysisOther hardware systems such as EMG, force plates, event markers, digital video, haptic devices, immersive displays and eye-tracking can be integrated as well for synchronous data collection and analysis along with the sensor data.

Why LIBERTY is the Professional's Choice

LIBERTY offers a quick and easy subject set-up and is a more economical system over traditional optical video systems. When line-of-sight could be an issue, the Polhemus LIBERTY system is a strong component to the solution.

我刚刚收到Liberty 8 系统,非常满意。我们的数字记录非常干净而准确。这个系统非常皮实,使用的AuctionSIM驱动的MatLabUSB接口,从来也没宕过机。我们以前的电磁测量系统在应用MatLab时会经常宕机。” - H.N. Zelaznik, 美国普度大学健康和运动机能学教授。

Did You Know
FastSCAN was used in the Joint Mongolian-Smithsonian Deer Stone Project which included archaeological studies of "deer stones" and the ritual contexts in which they are found.
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